Cosas que le interesan y divierten a este salvadoreñito pretencioso.
Cycle 17 was terrible for a variety of reasons, but the bizarre ending was perhaps the worst. After the rest of the finale was filmed in Crete, judging was held in Los Angeles, with Tyra Banks revealing that Angelea had been disqualified. Afterward, it was confirmed by Angelea herself that she actually won the season – hence the need for a refilmed finale.

Well…the editing of the finale is certainly weird and they are playing like: “Wow. Did I win? OK…I’m shocked. Not really”. But if she really won at first…what a crappy terrible idea. She was horrible, annoying and forgettable. At least, Lisa winning makes sense. (Although Allison rocks for me).

I’m glad I saw this season and this mistery is now solved.


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